Your body is not your enemy.

Food is not a weapon. 

End the war. 


Why the non-diet approach?

If we are trying to control our food, manipulate our weight, or force ourselves “well”, it will most likely cause more HARM than HEALTH.

My deepest desire is to help people experience less suffering.

To help them experience more freedom. To say “yes please!” without guilt and to say “no thank you” without explanation.

I believe that surrender, permission, curiosity, and non-judgement are the cornerstones of well being.

Restriction, guilt, fear, and shame will never be effective long-term motivators.

Kindness, self compassion, and body respect is what always creates lasting change.

I am a anti-diet, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and I work within a weight-inclusive and harm reduction framework.

I help those struggling with:

  • chronic illness, especially when controlling one’s food has become a way to control one’s health

    • s NOT always the problem we have been led to believe, hear more here)

    • obsessing about “fixing” their health

    • negative body image or body shame


  • under-resting

  • chronic busy-itis, which is a side effect of trying to dull anxiety and achieve perfection (see more on the gifts of IM-perfection)

  • "emotional eating" (which is NOT always the problem we have been led to believe, hear more here)

  • obsessing about “fixing” their health

  • negative body image or body shame

Does my story sound familiar to you?

I've struggled with negative body image since I was a child. I always knew I was “too big” way before I knew what to “do” about it.

As a teenager I picked up some not-so-healthy ways to manipulate my body and relied upon these "dieting tricks" to give me the things I actually longed for: admiration, love, and control.

The longing for these basic human needs was masked by a preoccupation with my weight, appearance, and eating the “right” food.

At the end of the day I just wanted love, peace, and true belonging.

As I became an adult, and continued to push my body further beyond her comfort zone, my body’s messages eventually loud enough I couldn’t ignore them any longer:


I interpreted my body’s signals as a failure, that I wasn’t trying “hard enough” and that I needed to “double down” on my efforts.

This self blame is SO common, even being praised and rewarded by our well-meaning friends and family, and almost always causes harm, not healing.

When our bodies ask for more food, more rest, and/or more pleasure it is not a sign of failure.

It' doesn’t make us weak it makes us human.

Our bodies are working exactly as they should be. It’s diet culture’s conditioning that interprets these messages as “wrong”.

After years of trying and failing to rid myself of my chronic ailments I was ultimately accepted some hard truths.

The intense pain, frustration, anxiety, and overwhelming fatigue were messengers. Was I willing to listen and tune in? Or continue to tune-out and live half a life?

Through the help of trusted professionals, a formal education, and my own trial and error, I can now honestly say:

"I try my best to accept my body/weight as it is today. I commit to treating my body with kindness and respect and I can fully trust myself, my body, and my intuition."


“You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn for yourself.”

— Glinda The Good Witch, The Wizard of OZ

I work with those who are:

  • Done with the dieting game

  • Sick of trying the trends

  • Tired of feeling like it's their fault

  • Curious if there is something BIGGER that they are missing


We are more informed about ‘health & nutrition’ than ever before... And YET people still seem desperate for the "answer".

What’s the disconnect?

I believe it is because of: a lack of social justice for ALL bodies, the inability to practice self-compassion, and the harmful belief that "health" is about how much we weigh, what others think of us, and our ability to be endlessly productive.

approx 95% 

of people who intentionally lose weight will RE-GAIN the weight (oftentimes more) within 3 yrs. Diets simply don’t work.


approx 75% 

of American women would be classified as engaging in disordered eating behaviors

There are over 90 published studies on the benefits of Intuitive Eating

Want to learn more?

If you are curious on what to do next, need to take some action right NOW, and finally shift your efforts from upholding diet culture to fully engaging in diet culture recovery, then you are invited to join me! Simply click on the link “Work With Me” at the top of the page to schedule your totally FREE, no-obligation phone consultation.

In addition to the abundance of free and easily accessible non-diet and body positive resources out there MANY people find it helpful to utilize a one-on-one coach. If you decide you want work with me you will be provided totally personalized support and deeply compassionate care every step of the way.