Your body is not your enemy.

Food is not a weapon. 

Let’s end the war. 


Why I do this work:

Because I have been there. No, I have not been in the EXACT same situation that you are in right now, nor have I lived in YOUR body, but I am willing to bet I have felt a lot of the same feelings: feeling lost, out of control, frustrated, defeated, overwhelmed, confused, and desperate. Willing to do anything to "figure this thing out".

My approach to increasing overall well-being stems from a truly HOLISTIC place. ‘Holistic health’ has been co-opted by diet and wellness culture to mean a lot of different things, many of them potentially harmful but when I use the word “holistic” I mean the “whole person”, as in their whole life, combining their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

If we focus solely on physical health we are missing the BIG picture

My deepest desire is to help people expand their lives. Saying yes more. Adding more things IN. Living from a place of joy and quiet contentment.

Restriction, guilt, fear, and shame will never be effective long term motivators. Kindness, self compassion, and body respect is what creates lasting change.

I am a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, working within a weight-neutral framework, to help those struggling with:

  • disordered eating

  • binge eating (or as I have been taught to call it, “reactionary eating”)

  • restrictive eating behaviors (physically restricting OR mentally/emotionally restricting)

  • over-exercise and under-resting

  • chronic busy-itis

  • "emotional eating" (not the problem we have been led to believe)

  • health obsession

  • negative body image or body image obsession

Can your relate to this tragically common experience?

I've struggled with body image since I was a child. As a teenager I picked up some not-so-healthy ways to manipulate the scale and relied upon these "tricks" to give me the things I actually longed for: admiration, love, and control. The longing for these basic human needs was masked by a preoccupation with my body and food.

At the end of the day I just wanted love, peace, and true belonging.

As I became an adult, and continued to push my body beyond her comfort zone and eventually her messages got loud enough for me to hear:


I interpreted my body’s signals as a failure, that I needed to “double down” on my efforts and just TRY HARDER. This belief is so SO common, often even being praised and rewarded by our well-meaning friends and family, and almost always causes harm, not healing.

When our bodies ask for more food, more rest, or more pleasure it is not a failure. It' doesn’t make us weak, it makes us human. Our bodies are working exactly as they should be. It’s our diet culture conditioning that interprets these messages as “wrong”.

After years of trying and failing to rid myself of my chronic ailments I was ultimately accepted some hard truths.

The intense pain, frustration, anxiety, and overwhelming fatigue were messengers. Was I willing to listen and tune in? Or continue to tune-out and live half a life?

Through the help of trusted professionals, a formal education, and my own trial and error, I can now honestly say:

"I try my best to accept my body/weight as it is today, I commit to treating my body with kindness and respect, and I fully trust myself and my intuition."


“You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn for yourself.”

— Glinda The Good Witch, The Wizard of OZ

I work with those who are:

  • Done with the dieting game

  • Sick of trying the trends

  • Tired of feeling like it's their fault

  • Curious if there is something BIGGER that they are missing


We are more informed about ‘health & nutrition’ than ever before...

And YET people still seem desperate for the "answer".

What is the disconnect?

I believe it is a lack of: social justice, self-compassion, reliable non-diet tools, and the (false) belief that "taking care of ourselves" is about how much we weigh, what we look like, our ability to be endlessly productive, and/or our eagerness to perform “health”.

approx 95% 

of people who intentionally lose weight will RE-GAIN the weight (oftentimes more) within 3 yrs


approx 40% 

of Americans experience some type of chronic illness

approx 75% 

of American women would be classified as engaging in disordered eating behaviors

I want to learn more about YOU!

Enough about me, I cannot wait to learn more about YOU!

If you are curious on what to do next, want to take some action right NOW, and finally shift your efforts from upholding diet culture to fully engaging in diet culture recovery, then you are invited to join me!

There are many ways you can re-learn intuitive eating, engage in health promoting behaviors (WITHOUT trying to change your body size or weight), and to treat yourself more kindly.

There are lots of free and easily accessible options and also many people find it helpful to utilize a support person or team of support people. If you decide to work with me you will be provided totally personalized support and deeply compassionate care every step of the way.