Why I hired a Health Coach (btw I AM a Health Coach)

I finally broke down and hired a Health Coach. Normally, this would be a great thing for a person to say, but you see, I am a Health Coach. Granted, I am new to the game and I am by no means an "expert", but I have (virtually) the same training as the woman I hired.. 
so what gives?

About 3 months into working with my first client I couldn't help but feeling a little.. well, jealous. I wanted someone to listen, give insight, and personalized recommendations. I wanted to be accountable to someone via text or email 24/7. I wanted to have someone tell me that I was doing my best, and sometimes that's enough, and nobody cares about my cellulite as much as I think they do. I wanted my own version of me

(This is what I needed, and coming from yourself it's just not the same)

I actually tried "coaching" myself for a while. I made up my very own "Linda Tucker Health Coahing" binder, same version I give to my clients. Set dates with myself on the calendar, and even committed to completing the same worksheets and reading assignments as homework. It seemed to work OK at first. But, overtime, I started to sink deeper and deeper into the dreaded "SHAME SPIRAL". If you are familiar with Brene Brown you will know precisely what I am talking about, if you aren't, do yourself a huge favor and check out her work here: http://brenebrown.com/

The shame spiral typically includes things such as: 
negative self-talk "If you can't even help yourself, how are you going to help other people?!" 
which leads right into secrecy and blame "Maybe you should just keep these feelings to yourself.. you don't want to look weak" or "You know better than this, just work harder". 
Ugh, not fun. So, I chose to face it. Own it. And do something about it.

I am a fairly very confident, independent, and self-assured woman. I don't like being told what to do (just ask my parents or husband) and I generally give things a lot of thought, research, and contemplation before I commit. I don't like wasting time or money so by the time I am ready to ask for help, I am typically desperate. The prospect of finding a health coach who could tame me, teach me, and ultimately change me, was daunting. Enter Isabel Foxen Duke.

I discovered IFD on accident. Maybe it was one of the bad ass articles she wrote for Huffington Post or MindBodyGreen? Can't remember now.. but I was impressed enough at the time to seek out her website, sign up for her free newsletters, and start downloading podcasts where she was a featured guest. 
Her work is very smart, clear and unapologetic. Precisely what I need. 

Isabel ALSO attended the same Health Coach training program and I did 
(shout out to Institute for Integrative Nutrition, want more info, just ask) 
AND even worked at the school for a few years. She knew her stuff.
 **If you want to check out her free guide "How not to eat chocolate cake, really fast, standing up, when nobody's looking" click here: http://isabelfoxenduke.com/

I reached out, asked for what I wanted, and am happy to say she accepted me into her private coaching circle. I could tell she knew instantly knew what I needed, and therefore I felt comfortable being vulnerable, giving over control, and became open to new ideas. I cannot wait to see how my life changes in the next 5 months and how I will be able to greater help my clients, friends, and family members after I master the new tools. 
This must be how my clients feel after they sign up with me.. what an amazing thought.