So You Wanna Try Eating Halloween Candy "Intuitively"...

You picked the day after Halloween to start “eating intuitively”… How’s that going for ya?


That choice would undoubtedly fall under the title “Trial by Fire”.

I hate to burst your bubble, but I’m going to presume that you will not have the ‘success’ you hope for and that you will at some point ‘break down’ and eat (fill in the blank).

You may then exclaim “SEE! Intuitive Eating doesn’t work! I still ate tons of candy and now I feel like crap!


Ok, to be fair, I get how you would feel that way, so let’s troubleshoot this:


Intuitive Eating is a complex, in-depth, and looooong process.

It’s essentially deprogramming your brain/body from years/decades of diet culture, restrict-then-binge, and body shame. This does not happen overnight. Many people take YEARS to fully understand how deep their beliefs around food and body truly go.

Reading the Intuitive Eating book (or reading an article online) is a great start to the journey, but it’s sort of like hearing someone speaking French and then believing that now you can somehow speak French too. Nope, you’ve got to LEARN, practice, try and fail, and then try some more.


Halloween candy is emotionally charged.

Yep, you read that right. It’s different than regular candy. There is an urgency to it. It’s only around for a short time and it brings back all kinds of emotions and memories from the past. It’s also fun and celebrated.

It’s like eating ice cream at Disneyland… sure, you can have the same exact ice cream at home but having it AT Disneyland is WAY more fun. Same goes for eating ghost shaped Reese’s out of a plastic pumpkin. It’s just more FUN. And us humans like fun.


Starting anything out of FEAR is usually short lived and utterly unfulfilling.

If you FEAR gaining weight or sugar or Halloween candy then trying to avoid those things is a natural next step.  Yet, it has been proven time and time again that FEAR is a poor long-term motivator (and the non-diet approach is definitely a long-term game).

Fear is great for getting us out of harm’s way in the short term, BUT it’s only through LOVE that we make changes that feel good and eventually become second nature.

SO, if you want to reduce the amount of candy you eat because you respect your body and you don’t like the way it makes you FEEL when you overeat, THAT is a long-term motivator that will ‘work’.

Love isn’t judgmental, impulsive, harsh, or unrealistic. Love is kind, patient, forgiving, and understanding.


Bottom line:

If you are “white-knuckling-it” it’s not intuitive, it’s force.

If you are saying “SCREW IT!” it’s not intuitive, it’s rebellion.

You can use both of those tools to help break down walls, to gain insight AND to release built-up anger, BUT in the end, they won’t be the tools that you use to rebuild your new diet-free life.

The tools to rebuild your life as a “normal eater” will be trust, compassion, and attunement.