January 1st is 'Black Friday' for Diet Culture and "Healthy Lifestyle" Gurus

'Tis the season! Without fail, if you are on social media, leave your house, or turn on the TV this time of year, you are going to be bombarded with friends, ads, and health gurus selling you the "Answer" (with a capital A) to all of your food, body, and health concerns. 

It will probably include some type of "elimination diet" and will include strict rules of what to avoid, what to included, and how to explain it all to your loved ones (something along the lines of "no pain, no gain" or "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change")

I call bullshit.

I used to BE one of those people. Praising the powers of green juice and quinoa while lambasting the dangers of sugar and fast food.

Not anymore.

I have seen the light and I am dedicated to sharing a new message:

One of individual choice. Not rules. 

Of empowerment. Not shame or guilt.

Of small steps that create lasting change. Not quick fixes and "too good to be true" promises. 

It's not as sexy or marketable as the 'one size fits all' approach. And it DEFINITELY doesn't promise that ONE thing that you've been searching for all your life (for MANY that is weight-loss, but for others it's more energy or better skin or the cure for XYZ ailment).

Thankfully. NOW I can tell you what actually 'works'.

It's slow and steady, but it wins the race. It's a return to what you know deep down in your SOUL to be true. That being less busy, less stressed, more rested, and more satisfied is the missing link. It is what truly makes us tick.

We don't want to white-knuckle it through life. We don't want to constantly live in deprivation or restriction. 

We cannot survive if we are under-fed, under-slept, and lonely. We are wired for connection, joy, and satisfaction. 

I invite you to fight back this January.

To recognize a wolf in sheep's clothing. To politely decline your friend’s "challenge" or your co-worker’s "cleanse". To stand firm in the truth that it doesn't have to be HARD to work and it doesn't have to SUCK to be healthy. 

Health is not just physical. It is EQUALLY important to honor emotional fulfillment and mental well-being. 

The more science is PROVING this to be true, the harder the diet and "healthcare" industries are fighting to get your dollars. Stand firm. Be strong and seek help and support.


I am offering my first ever 30-day group program, to educate and inspire people to take back their lives and start living with more intention.

Email me for more details (spaces are filling up fast!) 

It's only $50 and will focus on the SIX categories featured here in this illustration