Tapping into your INTUITION*: Trust me, you have it. So use it!!

*If you want to say "the FORCE" instead of "your intuition" that is awesome and also makes you sounds super cool.

Trying to teach someone to 'tap into their intuition' has the distinct honor of being quite easy while also being incredibly difficult.

I liken it to teaching someone to ride a bike.

You can provide the physical bike (as well as the myriad of safety equipment for all the inevitable spills and falls)
and you can give a detailed overview of what to do and when to do it, but at the end of the day, the student just needs to get on the darn thing and start TRYING to ride a bike.  

Like any good parent/teacher, you will stand guard, lovingly holding the seat with one hand, awkwardly running along their side, calmly shouting reassurances that you won't let them fall, giving them enthusiastic encouragement, and gently pointing out things that need adjusting.

There is no way to teach someone how to ride a bike without having them get on the bike. 

You have to TRY by DOING. Learning the feel and weight of the bike, feeling your body seek balance and knowing how to pedal and steer and finally doing all 3 at once

As the teacher we have the pleasure of watching the fear slowly turn into confidence, as they try and try and TRY to balance themselves on a tiny seat placed atop two narrow wheels. Sometimes this process takes days, weeks, or even months. There is no magic formula. Everyone is different.

The one thing that is universal is this: it takes a WILLING student to learn how to ride a bike. No one can be forced to do it. You have to want it, be ready, and be willing to fall.

Then the magic happens. That first glorious ride.  Nearly 30 years later I remember the first time I rode my bike with vivid detail. It was glorious. Total freedom and a sense of mastery.

What's that old adage??
"It's like riding a bike."

Once you learn how to do it you will always remember how to do it. Of course, you may feel rusty or nervous if it's been a while, but your body intuitively knows what to do when you finally climb back onto that seat.

Just like riding a bike, if you can learn to EAT intuitively you can learn to do ANYTHING intuitively: 

-intuitively exercise (aka move)

 -intuitively spend money/budget

-intuitively parent
-intuitively use social media or watch TV

-even intuitively travel (something I recently experienced first hand, and it is such a incredibly different experience)

Learning how to best feed and nourish you body is liberating in a way that only people who have tasted it firsthand can truly understand. 
(Pardon the pun)

So what does "intuively" mean?

It simply means tapping into your body, your pleasure centers, your past experiences, your knowledge base, and your current surroundings.

Ask yourself some of these questions:

What my physical body asking for? Even better, what is it begging for?

What would give me pleasure right now?

How are my emotions dictating my desires?

What unmet needs do I have (physically, emotionally)?

What outside forces are at work?

What do I want to feel like while I am eating/doing/experincing this? How do I want to feel afterwards?

It may sound exhausting to check in like this before every meal/snack, activity, or task but I promise it quickly becomes second nature.. and eventually you don't even use those words.. you just go "with your gut". 

As promised, once this type of eating becomes second nature you will AUTOMATICALLY find yourself checking in before other types of activities:

Headed to the gym? Ask yourself those questions.

About to spend money? Get dressed? Making plans to spend time with your partner/kids?

Feeling unfulfilled at work or home? Feeling a desire to make a career change?

Ask yourself variations of those questions, again, substituting the action words for the appropriate situation, and inquire what your "soul" may be asking for in addition to your phsyical body. 

"Tuning in" will never lead you astray. 
YOU HAVE the answers you seek inside of you right now. 

In a world full of SO MANY CHOICES learning this new skill will help cut through the noise and will prove to be an invaluable source of health and wealth.

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