What is your 'relationship status' with food?

Having a healthy and loving relationship with food is a real thing. I promise! AND it's more important than mainstream diet, health, or wellness industries would lead us to believe.

The idea that food can or should be 'un-emotional' or 'controlled' 
is not only unrealistic, it's harmful. 

How do you know if you relationship with food is strong?
That it's rooted in kindness and compassion,
rather than being rooted in guilt, shame, or fear?

Thankfully there are lots of online tools, quizzes, and self-assessments you can use to take a step back and look at things more objectively. One of my favorite resources is Christy Harrison. She is a registered dietitian, an Intuitive Eating coach, and hosts my favorite podcast "Food Pysch".

Christy devotes her professional life to helping people recognize the VERY insidious ways that diet culture and health-ism take hold in our hearts and minds.. and gives us insight on how to reclaim a peaceful and joyful relationship with food. 

Here are a few of Christy's links that I find helpful:

Do You Have a Healthy Relationship with Food?

Why a Peaceful Relationship with Food is your Birthright.

Healing your Relationship with Food and Your Body Podcast Episode

I also really like Kylie Mitchell, MPH, RDN, LD who runs the website and Instagram page @ImmaEatThat

The post below offers informative visuals to help explain "What exactly is Intuitive Eating?" and how a kindness-based relationship with food looks different in relation to a disordered relationship with food. There is also a link to another quiz! 
(Don't ya just love online quizzes?!)

Check out said post here:
Are you an Intuitive Eater? 

Bottom Line: Relationships take work. They don’t break down overnight and they won’t be healed overnight. The journey to a joyful and peaceful relationship with food (and your body) starts with taking an honest assessment of how things are working (or not working) for you.

Be BRAVE and ask HARD questions!