New Years "Resolutions" and why our words matter so dang much.

Words matter. They come pre-loaded with meaning, influence, and lots and lots of power

Choosing our words carefully will allow us to have more power and influence over our beliefs, our thoughts, and our behaviors. 

One of my favorite parts about coaching is helping people dissect their word choices. Often we create a new vocabulary to express many of the same ideas, but with less anxiety, fear, shame, or judgment.

For example, the word "resolution"

I found one definition of resolution to mean "a firm decision to do or not do something"

The idea of a "New Years Resolution" dates back to Babylonian pagan ceremonies and was adopted by Christian religious traditions. Religions of all kinds often use "firm-ness" to provoke behavior change.

(If you want to learn more about the history of new years resolutions,click HERE.)

While firm decisions certainly have their place, what are we supposed to do if we are not super FIRM in our decision to do, or not do, something YET??

Intuitive Eating invites us to be curious and experimental... it offers us the freedom to change our mind as our circumstances change... to become more child-like, non-judgmental, and open-minded.

So can Intuitive Eating and New Years Resolutions co-exist?

I believe it's possible, but offer an alternative as well.  The word ‘resolution’ was taken from the Latin word for ‘resolve’ which is defined as "to loosen or release".

So while the word resolution now means "a firm decision" its original meaning actually had more to do with softening and releasing.

The answer always is: you get to choose the definition that feels right for you. You may like the firmness of a resolution because you DO feel strongly and firmly about something. For example, saying good bye to diet culture or body shame, or getting rid of the scale or throwing out diet books!

OR you may decide that word is too loaded and you want to select a new word all together.

Maybe you like the word RELEASE, as in releasing something  (like clothes that don’t fit, old photos, less than supportive friendships, diet or body driven social media accounts) or LOOSEN, as in loosening your beliefs (about food, bodies, exercise, or health) feels like a better fit, I invite you try those words on for size this year.

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