Complimentary Consultations

Curious to learn more? But not ready to commit?

I would love to chat with you!

I am happy to offer a totally free, no obligation, phone consultations to anyone who may:

  • be curious about the non-diet approach to eating and well being

  • have questions about Intuitive Eating or Health at Every Size (tm)

  • be wondering if coaching is appropriate with their current disordered eating and/or eating disorder recovery work

  • have chronic health issues and wonder how Intuitive Eating can fit into their specific needs

  • be looking for resources or someone to help support their body image, body acceptance work

  • feel stuck and just need someone to listen

  • want recommendations like books, podcasts, online programs, or help in finding a skilled practitioner

  • want to work with a coach but aren’t totally sure if I am the right fit, I totally get it!