Have you heard/seen/wondered about this book?

I cannot recommend it enough. Simply said, it’s a funny and easy to read book that helps chronic dieters (and those who may not even identify as a “dieter” but are struggling big time with behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs about food and weight) find answers and solutions to “why is this eating thing so hard”?

Even more impressive is that it offers this valuable information without falling into the all-too-common trap of sneaky food rules, fear mongering, and/or weight loss talk.

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Coach I am thrilled when I can recommend resources such as this to people looking for straightforward and empowering information. It is chock-full of research, science, real life stories from the author and her clients, and simple ideas for what you can start doing TODAY to find the freedom you desire.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with “how to eat” this book is for you.

I am enrolling for book club NOW, please use the form at the bottom of the page to reserve your spot ASAP!

Book Club details:

  • Starting in early September, running until early October

  • 10-ish people, first come first serve!

  • 3 group calls, via Skype or Zoom, each dedicated to one of the three sections of the book. You can ask questions, share struggles, hear other people’s stories, and celebrate breakthrough moments.

  • One individual call where you we can go a bit deeper and discuss how this book is applicable to your life.

  • $100 investment plus the cost of the book. Use link below to purchase the book via Amazon

    (I highly recommend buying the hardcover so you can take notes and mark pages)

Use the form below to reserve your spot OR to ask questions if you aren’t 100% sure this book club is for you:

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